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Weekly Project Success Tip
May 1, 2014

Key to project success is ensuring that you have clear subcontractor Statements of Work. To avoid issues like the ones below, we are continually asked to review them. Leaders, like yourself, are looking for a proven method to keep away from the misunderstandings, unclear deliverables, undefined dates, indefinite jargon, and other common gaps that waste time and damage relationships that sometimes end in legal battles.

Just like a lawyer reviews and recommends changes to the contract to protect you legally, you need the same for the SOW, This minimizes your project's risk and increase its deliverability. Executives value this because it is a proactive, cost-effective solution to avoid costly mishaps.

Some examples of what we look for in a SOW are:

  • Accountability. Ensure the subcontractor is held accountable as expected by your team. Often the wording is too soft.
  • Deliverables. SOWs often describe the work to be done as deliverables. Tasks are not deliverables, sets of tasks create deliverables. Ensure that the deliverables are called out. This is essential for milestone payments, but critical to define closure of T&M tasks.
  • Quality. Ensure the testing and metrics are defined and acceptable to your project needs.
  • Scope. Scope needs to be clearly defined. There is no room for word like "some," "major," or "simple."
  • Schedule. Ensure the schedule is realistic, has the correct precedents, and contains the components you need.
  • Completeness. People often overlook typos and cannot see the omissions. Poor quality SOWs are a sign of poor quality work.


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Note: Due to the volume of SOWs that we review, it made sense to productize our Subcontractor SOW Review process. Here is the specification sheet: We are discounting the list price 15% on all orders placed before June 30, 2014.  You and your colleagues will not want to lose out on this because of the cost savings it brings.

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