Balanced Scorecard for Project Teams

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Too often, project managers and their stakeholders lack the visibility into how their project's fit into the business' grand vision. Think how wonderfully your business would run if everyone from the C-suite to the feet on the street understood how to maintain focus executing business strategies.

Balanced Scorecard for Project Teams helps your project managers and their stakeholders:

  1. Understand what is valuable for your organization.
  2. Reduce miscommunication.
  3. Focus their energies and your resources.

Organizations the world over use balanced scorecard to define their strategic goals. However, balanced scorecard only works if its information is disseminated throughout the organization. This workshop helps PMO managers, executive sponsors, project managers, and their project teams understand why and how a strategy is defined, the use of activity and strategy maps, and how they apply to the organization's projects.

What You Get

Free books with registration

Materials for the full-day class include:

  1. Strategic Focused Organizations by Robert Kaplan & David Norton
  2. Rescue the Problem Project by Todd C. Williams
  3. Strategy-Focused IT Organization, a Balanced Scorecard Reader from Harvard Business Review

A $150 value!


The more in-depth a project team's knowledge and understanding of the corporate goals and strategy, the more likely it will remain focused on those goals, the implementation time will be shorter, and the project objectives will be met.

The benefits of this workshop are to:

  1. Establish a common understanding of Balanced Scorecard throughout your organization.
  2. Keep projects aligned with strategic goals.
  3. Improve project managers' leadership capability.
  4. Improve communication effectiveness by educating project teams in concepts and vernacular relevant to executives.
  5. Reduce scope creep by helping the team better understanding the project's real objectives.
  6. Clearly communicate your business strategy.
  7. Clarify what changes in a project are of value.

What It Covers

The learning objectives are:

  • Basic understanding of Balanced Scorecard.
  • The meaning and usefulness of balanced scorecard.
  • Understanding the three types of projects—strategic, compliance, and operational effectiveness.
  • Development and use of Strategy Maps.
  • Development and use of Activity Diagrams.
  • Key attributes to look for on a project to ensure it is aligned with the corporate strategy.
  • Cross and intra organization use of balanced scorecard.

Who Will Benefit

The entire organization benefits from this workshop. It is strongly recommended that a deep cross section of the organization attend. Critical attendees are PMO managers, executive sponsors, project and program managers, and project leads and key team members.

How It Works

This workshop is nominally an eight-hour workshop and includes tailoring to your specific initiatives. Interviews will be conducted ahead of the workshop to understand your organization's needs and incorporated into your workshop.

The workshop format can be adjusted to two- and four-hour versions by focusing on fewer areas of the strategy implementation process.

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