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Tired of doing the same thing and expecting the different results? The goal of a properly run retrospective is to do more of the good things and fewer of the bad. Even well run projects have lessons that we can learn. Preforming a retrospective on a project allows you to capture the highs and lows of a project and integrate that information into a library for others to use.

The lessons could be about handling risk, a new process for you company, allocation of resources, or a multitude of other data. Without discussing and capturing that item, you are left to reinvent this wheel or stumble in the same hole in the future. Objectivity, experience, and an unbiased perspective are key for conducting a value-laden retrospective that solves problems instead of looking for blame, and that complements team work over the individual hero. It takes an experienced outsider who is removed from the history and politics to see the issues and make the recommendations that will maximize the lessons learned.


  • Independent, un-biased review of organization and project issues identified at their root causes.
  • Create proactive actions to address issues at their root causes reducing the chances of reoccurrence.
  • Identification of potential mitigations for risks.
  • Expert visibility and insights that will assist in ongoing sponsorship, governance, and execution of future projects.

What it consists of:

Retrospectives consist of a three-part analysis of the project.

  • Document review: Reviewing the project artifacts to understand its stated goal.
  • One-on-one interviews with key individuals on the project.
  • A facilitated group session with the primary project team members to discuss issues in an open forum to understand what the group feels were key success and failures.

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