The Next Evolution - Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management: The Emergence One Method for Total Project Success

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Thomas Luke Jarocki
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Still confused on how projects and change management fit together? If so, read The Next Evolution - Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management. It gives a great history of both and outlines a process that may work for your company. The process described will help you understand how your company can fold these two disciplines together. The only detractor is the author's (Thomas Luke Jarocki) continual reference to his "Emergence One Methodology" methodology. However, we suggest that you get past this slight detractor and as his conversation gives you a great example how one can integrate change management into a project.

Our research shows that just about every executive agrees that "success" is more than being "on time, within budget, and inside scope," instead projects must deliver value. Value is the key component supporting successful organizational change and the broad organizational adoption of project deliverables. The challenge comes as project management and organizational/behavioral change management disciplines are often practiced as separate work streams, the road to success often becomes divided, leading to poor outcomes for both the project manager and the porject's stakeholders.

The Next Evolution, details a better way. By integrating, enhancing, and unifying the latest, most effective practices from both the project management and change management fields. It removes the need for project professionals to rely on the ineffective practice of employing two separate methodologies to address the two most critical elements of project success: task execution and successful stakeholder/change management (also known as the "people side").

It offers real-world insights and practical solutions for:

  • Business leaders trying to understand how best to achieve true business value, stakeholder satisfaction, and complete organizational adoption of their initiative.
  • Project managers looking to enhance the quality of project execution by augmenting their practices with tangible, more effective organizational change/stakeholder management technique.
  • Change management professionals looking for updated approaches to facilitating change or need a clearer path on how best to integrate and leverage opportunities within a master project plan.
  • Project professionals who need a detailed, comprehensive project life cycle methodology to deftly plan and execute a variety of initiatives.


"Projects are the vehicles of change." As such, successful initiatives require deft execution (project management) and the proactive mitigation of human, political, and organizational change issues (change management).

Despite the fact that these two disciplines are critical to the overall success of any organizational initiative, these two fields are often practiced as separate disciplines. Each applies its own set of tools, techniques, and methodologies (and sometimes separate project teams as well!) to the same initiative. This inadvertently creates a schizophrenic approach to project success where critical interdependencies and joint opportunities are never fully realized. The results are unnecessary project expenses and delays, increased stakeholder frustration, and low rates of organizational adoption and business value realization.

The Next Evolution - Enhancing and Unifying Project and Change Management bridges the gap between project management and the practice of organizational/behavioral change management. Accompanying the book is "The Emergence One Method for Total Project Success"; a detailed, step-by-step methodology that integrates and enhances the most effective perspectives, approaches, and techniques of the project management and change management disciplines into one sequential set of activities.

The book is divided in two parts. Part One - "The Next Evolution" discusses how most project and change management methodologies are hampered by outdated assumptions, legacy inherited deficiencies, and narrow perceptions regarding scope. It also details why well-meaning attempts at integrating these two disciplines quickly become disjointed and frustratingly ineffective. It concludes by explaining why a unifying methodology is required if total project success is to be achieved. In Part Two, "The Emergence One Method for Total Project Success", the complete, step-by-step, Emergence One project life cycle methodology is presented. Each chapter details the goals, objectives, key stakeholder management needs, and activities required to successfully complete each phase of the project life cycle, along with all the real-world insights and caveats necessary to execute with acumen.

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