Estimating Presentation: The Sociological Effects in a Group

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Whether you are a project or a functional manager, estimates are a daily part of your life. Team members need to make estimates for a variety of reasons, these include:

  • The amount of time for a task.
  • The cost for resources.
  • The cost of software, hardware and other materials.
  • The time required to finish a task.

However, there are many problems with estimates. This presentation focuses on the sociological and psychological aspects of doing estimates.

It teaches attendees the environmental issues that affect estimates and how to deal with their impact. Through class interaction, it shows both the psychological and sociological factors that affect how estimates are given and provides leaders with tools to help avoid the common pitfalls. By avoiding these situations, estimates become more representative of the actual effort required and variations are more understandable and predictability.

This a very interactive presentation that starts with a short exercise to generate data that will be used throughout the presentation. Many of the aspects are illustrated by having the audience make new estimates on that initial exercise.

This presentation/workshop takes an hour and a half and part of the Back From Red Lecture Series on project recovery.

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