Improving Project Inception Presentation

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Experience with red projects has more value than recovering them—avoiding them is the real objective. This presentation focuses on a number of techniques learned while recovering projects that greatly improve the chances for success. It introduces the concept of a Guidance Team that gets involved with the project at the customer inception stage and follows the project and team through to the project completion.

The presentation covers:

  • The definition and responsibilities of a Guidance Team.
  • Involvement at the customer's inception of the project.
  • Setting customer expectations early.
  • Ensuring the right team is involved to meet expectations.
  • Methods to ensure a smooth transition as change occurs.
  • Areas that cause projects problems.

It focuses on the customer interaction. This method is very effective in controlling expectations and making sure the project does not wander.

At the end of the presentation the attendee will understand steps they can take, as well as processes to implement in their organization, to avert project failure.

This one-hour presentation is an advanced subject and part of the Back From Red Lecture Series on project recovery.

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