Negotiation and Management Presentation

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People often fail to realize how many actions in life are negotiation based. This is no different for in our work life. From managing projects to negotiating a raise, we do some form of negotiation daily. Implementing a process around negotiation is key in maximizing success. A process ensures collecting the correct information for preparing and proposing the new idea.

This presentation covers:

  • Defining negotiation as a process.
  • The goal of negotiation process.
  • What is done at each step.
  • Discuss a case study of how negotiation is used in a project recovery.

To reinforce the concepts the audience will perform a mock negotiation by splitting up into groups of three.

At the end of the presentation the attendees will understand how a negotiation process will help them in their jobs as functional or project managers.

This is a one-hour presentation or a four-hour workshop.

It is a part of the Business Advancement Series.

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