Finding Gold in Red Projects Presentation

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Failing projects are prevalent in all industries and, although the actual failure rates are very subjective, the incidence of troubled projects is easily more than half of all projects. Finding the Gold in Red Projects looks at the value in performing a formal recovery on a red projects. It uses current and historical data, case studies, and the presenters twenty-five years experience of recovering projects to illustrate the process.

Finding the Gold in Red Projects has four major goals:

  • Define the state of today's project management success/failure ratio.
  • Show how a formal recovery process can reduce or eliminate failure reoccurrence.
  • Illustrate examples of some common problems and their solutions.
  • Outline next steps in improving project performance.

At the end of the presentation, attendees will understand some of the factors that influence continued project failure and a number of steps that can be taken to improve success rates and minimize reoccurrence.

This is a one-hour executive level presentation and part of the Back From Red Lecture Series on project recovery.

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