Executive's Role in Project Success Presentation

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Project failure is rampant in nearly every industry. In the US alone, the cost are huge with estimates running as high as a trillion dollars a year. In most cases, the project manager and his or her team are blamed. The project, however, is only the symptom with the source of the failure imbedded in the organization. Project pressure stresses the weak links in the organization causing them to snap.

Taking a systemic approach to failure analysis is critical. This starts by looking at people, then process, and finally technology to determine where the executives should focus their team's energy. The presentation covers:

  • How people affect success
  • The use and abuse of process
  • When technology should play a role
  • A holistic approach to project initiation--one approach to combating failure

The presentation is interactive and uses a variety of sources to underscore the objectives. Executives will take away tools and techniques they can implement tomorrow and other which will be strategic initiatives for their organization and company

This presentation can be scaled from a one-hour to a two-and-hour presentation and combined with other presentation styles (i.e. expert panels) to create a unique learning experience for any executive level audience.

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