Tales of an Expert Witness Presentation: Death in Discovery

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The subpoena shows up at the front desk and you get the call to come and pick it up. You get that nauseating feeling in your gut that it is going to be a long day… no… a very long year. The subpoena asks for every contract, statement of work, change order, log, email, document, physical mail, specification, test document, picture, drawing, scratch note, etc. that ever existed on your project. You reflect back on the project and wonder how many corners you cut for the sake of getting the project done.

Tales of an Expert Witness: Death in Discovery helps executives, managers, and project managers identify litigation landmines and what reasonable efforts they should take to protect and organization in in case it enters into a lawsuit.

Key Learning Objectives

The topics covered include:

  • Impact of pre-contract award work on the degree of partnership.
  • Contract language and minimizing the information in the contract.
  • The challenges of boilerplates.
  • Differentiating contracts, statements of work, and change orders.
  • The selling versus delivery commitments when defining your goods or services.
  • When little white lies can sink you.
  • Describing how you will follow a standard method of practice.

This presentation has three forms focusing on topics relevant to:

  1. Executives regarding the steps they should tale to protect their organization if they get sued.
  2. Executives that are considering entering a lawsuit.
  3. Project Managers for understanding the rigors they must follow when starting or inheriting a project.

(Note: this is presentation is not to be construed as legal advice. The presenter is discussing experiences as an expert witness and does not have any formal legal training.)

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