Organization Change Management: What Would You Do?

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"Our Changes just don't stick!" That is the cry of too many executives exasperated by the waste of resources trying to get people in their organization to adopt new processes. A major portion of the reason is the lack of an organization change management (OCM) mentality in the organization. This is no more apparent than in the method in which initiatives and their constituent projects are executed. Lack of end-user involvement and adoption accountability are at the core of this failure.

In this roundtable-style presentation, which we refer to as a "present-table," the presenter acts as a facilitator posing five to seven actual situations, ranging from what OCM is to who should be accountable, for the audience to discuss and debate. The facilitator will capture the proposed solutions and facilitate testing them through audience debate and the presenter's own experience. The goal of the presentation is to surface many of the root-cause issues with OCM and letting the audience engage with each other and the presenter to develop a solution. The audience learns through interaction and the five to seven key learning points. 

  1. What is change management is and how it differs from change order processing.
  2. When OCM process need to start.
  3. Who is responsible for OCM.
  4. Who is accountable for OCM.
  5. The project manager's responsibility in adoption.
  6. Tracking progress toward proper adoption.
  7. What are the KPIs for adoption.

In this presentation, the case studies will be replayed and the audience will be given between five and ten minutes to discuss each point and come to a conclusion on what they would have done differently to change the outcome of the situation. This novel format provides valuable insight by hearing dozens of people's views on how to approach each decision, and engaging everyone in the debate.

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