Persuasion Worksheet

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Read about its use in the post Subduing the Obstinate Executives

Book: Selling to Big Companies 

Book: SPIN Selling

Selling (or persuasion) is part of our daily lives. Trying to get someone to "your" side on a topic is not a trivial task and should not be done haphazardly. This worksheet, based on the books Selling to Big Companies and SPIN Selling, helps you organize your thoughts by asking you to think about:

  1. What is valuable to the person or people you are dealing with.
  2. Who the key players are in the process that need to be "on board."
  3. What medium you are going to approach them with.
  4. When these contacts should be.

It may seem like overkill for some tasks, but after reading the above books you should have a good understanding of the reason for the detail. 

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