Maintaining Project Alignment Using Balanced Scorecard

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Todd C. Williams

Corporate executives build strategy and goals and project managers execute the projects that meet those goals. As simple as that sounds, creating the tie between those two is harder than it sounds. For years, articles have been published discussing alignment—getting the efforts of the organization to focus on the corporate goals. Yet, daily, there are CEOs that are stymied by the fact that they have found one more renegade project ill-aligned with the corporate strategy. There are many problems at the root—poor or non-existent documentation on the strategy and corporate goals, inadequate communication between the C-Suite and the execution team, and pet projects name only a few. Concise methodologies and tools are needed to communicate the operational and strategic goals to the entire company. Activity systems and balanced scorecards have been used for years, but many organizations do not implement them in a manner that includes project teams. This article is intended to cover the cultural changes, a variety of communication tools, and prioritization techniques that can be used ensure projects are focused on achieving corporate goals.

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