Organizational Change Management for Project Teams

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Todd C. Williams

Projects have only one purpose—change. Whether the project is for a new highway or purchasing process, it is implementing a change. For the project to be successful the output of that project—the project’s product—has to be adopted. People must drive on the road or use the process. Without that the project is a failure. Hence running a project without taking into account how to get people to use its output is foolish. Change management (the relatively new discipline that specializes in this) is not nearly as well understood as project management (the discipline that needs to implement it). In fact, the discipline of change management has only surfaced in the last few decades. To correct this, business leaders need to learn how to integrate change management processes into our project methodologies. This paper is an investigation into how companies view change management and the current research in developing methodologies that can be implemented in today’s businesses.

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